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Everyone needs to update their look from time to time – even reinvent themselves – and we’re no different. We decided it was time to come out of the shadows to showcase all the incredible work we do at Technicolor. We create a wide range of high-end content for multiple game clients. It’s spectacular work and we want to focus on not just that, but the trends we see coming down the pipeline and games we like to play as creators.

The gaming world is massive and there is so much to choose from, so if our experience as gaming and animation pros can help you sift through the choices out there to find a developer you really connect with, then we have done all the hard work we do a service. Whether it’s a casual game on your mobile device to kill time while you’re waiting in dentist’s office or a fully immersive VR RPG that leaves you breathless, we want to be part of your gaming lifestyle.


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