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Meet Shyam Sagar, a Senior Asset Artist on our team. Shyam’s work was just recently published in the Meet MAT – The Art Book of the 3D Painting Contest by Allegorithmic, which was announced at Substance Day at GDC this year.

Every year, Substance by Adobe runs a 3D painting competition. In 2017, the competition was called Meet MAT (based on their new art toy mascot) and Shyam entered a concept that received honorable mention as well as being selected to eventually be included in the book.

“I chose ‘SUBRACER’ as a design concept as the tool was racing its way through the gaming and VFX Industry. This was one of my first attempts with Substance Painter, and I was happy to see ‘SUBRACER’ making it to the best 200 entries, earning me an honorable mention,” said Shyam.

Congrats to Shyam on his newly claimed “published” status!


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