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Meet Owen Hurley

Owen Hurley was a founding member of The Mill, one of Technicolor’s VFX specialty houses, starting out as one of three Artist/Compositors. He quickly moved towards CG animation at Vancouver’s Mainframe Entertainment, where he was directing long form and multiple TV episodes. After that, he moved to Relic Entertainment, taking on the role of Director, Animation & Cinematics, working closely with the newly formed narrative team on how to interweave story between gameplay and cinematics in new and exciting ways, as well as focusing on delivering excellent cinematic and trailer content for Relic’s catalog of titles. Owen started at Technicolor as a Consulting Director on a project, initially signing on to go to the Bangalore studio for a few weeks, but he ended up staying a couple of months, eventually accepting the position of Executive Creative Director.  

Now, as the VP, Creative, Animation & Gaming, he oversees and guides the industry’s best and brightest as they create high-quality computer-generated animation for gaming and a myriad of other content outlets including features, television, web series, and commercials, to name a few.  

His artistic influences include Tex Avery, John Woo, and the Marx Brothers, and in his free time he enjoys hiking, cooking, travel, photography, and yoga. Owen lives in Los Angeles with his wife.