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Vichar B N lives and works in Bangalore, India for Technicolor Animation and Games. Vichar currently holds the role of Department Director for the Games division but also has the opportunity to work on Animated TV Shows and Films. At Technicolor Vichar is considered the traditional and digital sculpting expert and often provides instruction and mentoring to the other cg modelers.

Vichars career started as a traditional sculptor 19 years ago. He has always had a strong interest in art particularly classic sculptures by the masters his favorites include Augustin Rodin and Michelangelo. Vichar earned a Master’s degree in sculpting from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts in Mysore, India. Early in his career he had the privilege to work as a personal sculptor for The King of Mysore and many of his sculptures are still in the Kings residence at the Mysore Palace and Bangalore Palace (2003 to 2005).

The craving to learn new things led Vichar towards Computer Graphics. Vichar is self-taught on the computer using ZBrush and Maya as his primary tools. The idea of bringing sculptures to life using technology was very alluring, almost like playing God. With ZBrush the core principles and knowledge are the same as working with clay; but the best part is the ability to iterate and experiment quickly. His digital art experience now spans the last 13+ years modeling for animated television shows, films and games. His experience includes sculpting Characters, Sets and Props in addition to hard surface Modeling.

Vichar has held many roles at the company and has experience in creating art for many different genres. His past includes positions as CG Modeler, Assistant Art Director for Television Series, Illustrator for magazines, interior & exterior Designer and free-lance artist. Vichar considers himself lucky to get opportunities to work on a wide array of projects in terms of style and media from cartoony to animated shows, movies and hyper realistic assets for games.

Honors & Awards

3DTotal Excellence Award

Apr 2018 

3DTotal Excellence Award

Apr 2018 

Excellence Leadership Award

Dec 2017 honor issuer Technicolor 

3DTotal Excellence Award

January 2017

Zbrush Sculpt Off 2016

October 2016

3rd place in Zbrush Summit Sculpt Off 2016 challenge

3DTotal Excellence Award

June 2016

Interview in 3dtotal

October 2015

3DTotal Excellence Award

August 2015

3DTotal Gallery Award

April 2014

3DTotal Excellence Award

April 2014

3D Creature Planets

January 2014

CharacterFORGE 3D

September 2012

CharacterFORGE 3D

August 2012

Karnataka Lalitakala Academy Award

Karnataka Lalithakala Academy (Mysore Dasara Exhibition)

October 1996



Sculpting from the Imagination: ZBrush

3dtotal 2016

Get to know ZBrush artist

Publication date Dec 23, 2017 publication description xenocreatives 

Anatomy & Storytelling through Digital Sculpture

Aug 9, 2017 publication description CGSociety 

Zbrush 4R8 Beta Interview


Nov 2016 Bangalore mirror newspaper 

Sculpting from the Imagination: ZBrush

2016 publication 3dtotal 

3dcreativemagazine (Issue 123)

November 2015

Anatomy for 3D Artists

2015 Book Endorsement


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