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In the world of Anthem, players are known as Freelancers, exploring the unknown to protect humanity struggling to survive in a savage environment left unfinished by the gods. Players possess superhuman capabilities with an array of Exo-Suits called Javelins, heavily customizable so you can look and play how you want.  

“At three years, Anthem was the longest engagement so far for the Technicolor Animation & Games team,” said Selvam Venkatesan, Animation Department Director, Games. 

The majority of the engagement saw the team handling gameplay animations for ambient characters. As the relationship with game developer BioWare grew, the team’s involvement also grew as they also took on cinematic action sequences.  

With their expertise in Motionbuilder, the team produced files efficiently and with the required quality, with near 100% approval for every asset delivered. To accommodate pipeline demands, Technicolor also developed a tool that could export scenes back to Maya for deliveries. The team also received Vanity and Emote files for characters. Total number of game play animations reached 10,000 files.



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